Workshop facilitation techniques

Workshop facilitation techniques

There are countless situations in a corporate environment where something new, greater, more advanced or simply more efficient needs to be created for the team or the whole organization- based on a given team’s opinion, experiences and insights, which then all need to be taken further, integrated and synthetized. One-way communication in such situations is far less effective.

The Workshop facilitation techniques training helps any colleague who facilitates a workshop to:

  • map team opinions,
  • use techniques that are required to bring team members’ opinions to the surface,
  • encourage team members to share their opinion with confidence and to participate actively in the workshop,
  • use the information gained in a systematic manner.

Facilitation techniques may be applied in several situations:

  • meetings and conferences,
  • problem-solving teamwork, such as: project meeting, workshop, team coaching sessions, problem analysis, brainstorming,
  • teaching events, trainings, continuous learning sessions, conference symposia and seminars,
  • sales meetings, presentation meetings and consultant-client meetings.