Virtual teams training – leading and developing collaboration within the virtual team

Thanks to modern communication technologies, more and more employees today can choose to work remotely, and team members often work in another country or on another continent even. Virtual teamwork is a relatively new form of collaboration and leading employees who never or only rarely meet in person, managing such teams carries several new challenges. Averting these difficulties and creating effective teamwork requires a flexible mindset even in leaders who already have some experience in the field and our training provides support for them.

Optional topics of our Virtual teams training:

  • Goals, roles and processes – differences between traditional and virtual teams
  • Suitability for virtual teamwork
  • Responsibility, empowerment and delegation
  • Communication needs within the virtual team, creating communication protocols
  • Supporting the development of team cohesion
  • Maintaining motivation and collaboration
  • Monitoring priorities and achievements, providing feedback to virtual team members
  • Detecting and managing isolation