Time management training

Time management training

In our busy world, many have the feeling that they are just trying to keep up with events and while they are fighting fires, with no time left to engage in quality work, personal development and recreation. Time management is a valuable skill that can be developed efficiently in any period of our lives.

At our Time management training, participants will

  • learn about their relationship with time and their personal competences related to time management, those that they can build upon as well as those that need to be developed,
  • analyse their priorities and learn how to think in terms of priorities rather than tasks,
  • understand in context and analyse with the facilitation of our trainer, the possible reasons underlying their time management issues, using concrete examples,
  • acquire several practices and methods that help to overcome time management difficulties.


Topics of our Time management training:

  • strategic time management, choosing the right moment,
  • handling priorities, focusing on important issues, recognising urgent situations,
  • switching from ‘sudden reaction’ to ‘balanced proactive’ mode,
  • the art of saying NO,
  • remaining available even under an excessive workload,
  • establishing a healthy work-life balance,
  • identifying ‘time-salvagers’,
  • self-awareness for better time management: identifying our strong and weak points,
  • how to use support tools and systems.