Team building, developing collaboration (in- and outdoor trainings)

Team building, developing collaboration (in- and outdoor trainings)

A team that functions well is greater than just the ’sum of its parts’. The aim of team buildings is to strengthen group identity through experience, in other words to create an efficient team where members communicate well and collaborate with ease. As they spend 2-3 days together, team members get to know each other better and thus will be able to align their individual and collective aims more easily. Tighter and closer relations facilitate communication within the team, contribute to building a positive atmosphere at work, and both will in turn improve work performance.

In indoor team building trainings participants

  • can try themselves in various situations and simulation tasks,
  • can process the new experience as a group, with the support of the trainer, and think about how they can transfer these experiences to their daily life at work.

In outdoor team building trainings participants

  • share an experience of active leisure
  • build and strengthen the team’s spirit and gain trust in each other as they go through the tasks and challenges

Both outdoor and indoor trainings can be immersive or experience-based. When designing experience-based trainings, whilst we keep training and development goals in mind, our aim is to enrich the program with innovative and interactive elements that, beyond the typical training exercise, provide additional immersive experiences to participants. Immersive team buildings can be especially engaging for members of the Y generation.

Examples for experience-based team building programs:

  • Corporate cooking
  • Movie making
  • Streetline
  • Storyline