Talent Management Programs

Talent Management Programs

The purpose of talent management programs is to map the potential of employees, to acknowledge the performance of workers whose contribution is especially important for the organisation, to retain, continuously motivate and develop the skills and competences of talented employees.

Potential target groups of our Talent Management Programs:

  • young talent program – development of young, talented colleagues, towards a non-leadership career
  • key professional program – development of experienced professionals, towards a non-leadership career
  • leadership succession planning program – leadership skills development for future leaders
  • international talent program – development of key employees from different countries towards leadership or non-leadership careers
  • program for senior experts – maintaining motivation and preventing burnout

Agenda of the program:

  • How to select participants for the program: assessment centre to evaluate competencies, assessing competence levels, potential and motivation.
  • Individual feedback about the results to candidates who are selected as well as those who are not selected for the program. Individual development plan for participants of the talent management program.
  • Kick-off: launching the program.
  • Skills development trainings built upon each other, depending on the competencies that need to be developed and corporate values.
  • Project tasks are assigned in-between trainings, to be delivered in small groups, these projects are to be presented at the end of the program.
  • Selection and training of mentors, continuous mentoring for participants throughout the program.
  • Team coaching or individual coaching sessions in-between trainings.
  • Presentation of projects towards management, evaluating individual progress.
  • Program closing event.