Service Design training

Service Design training

The aim of our Service Design training is to inspire, energise and replenish the creative reserves of participants and to develop their out-of-the-box thinking. We also provide practical knowledge to enable participants to methodically determine problems related to service development, to elaborate solutions to these and to implement change. The training also offers a solution to developing a service mindset as an attitude and a competence.

Who do we recommend our Service Design training for?

Corporate decision makers, their subordinates and colleagues who are in contact with users/consumers through their daily work or work in divisions that are essentially consumer-focused.

The structure of our Service design program:

  • Introduction, warm-up, creating awareness, inspiration, demonstrating examples.
  • The creative process – acquiring the steps and planning tools through a concrete project: research, defining the actual challenge (exploring, interpretation), gathering ideas, detailing problems and barriers (weighting and prioritising), drafting possible solutions, concept creation (brainstorming, mind mapping, prototyping), testing, experimenting, finalising, presentation, demonstration, perspectives.
  • Targeted development of planning competencies (cooperation, empathy, visual communication, creativity).

Since the essence of Service Design is best understood through the planning and creation process, the training will provide participants with the experience of an entertaining, but realistic planning situation. The project task is tailored to each group, depending group size, participants’ expertise, and their knowledge about service design.