Resilience training

Resilience refers to a person’s or an organisation’s ability to resist, respond and adapt to adversity and hardships, successfully recovering and bouncing back from these, feeling stronger and more capable to cope.

Developing this competence is of utmost importance in a business setting, as one of the keys to success in business is to create and sustain a team that is a psychologically resistant, stable, but also flexible and operational on the long term, a team that can efficiently bounce back from the increasing pressure of internal and external destabilizing factors.

 Following our Resilience training, colleagues will be able to:

  • discover their hidden internal resources and apply techniques to strengthen their mental well-being,
  • manage change smoothly, without a decline in performance or significant stress,
  • adapt faster to the resulting new situations,
  • and to adapt dynamically to continuously changing client needs.

Resilience training topics:

  • Measuring personal and organisational resilience
  • Personal and organisational ‘energy systems’
  • Strengthening resilience factors
  • Overcoming barriers as an individual and within the team
  • Stress management
  • Cognitive techniques
  • Mindfulness, relaxation
  • Managing emotions, recharging our emotional batteries
  • Burnout – preventing mental exhaustion
  • Social support – building a strong team
  • Responsibility, differentiation, sincerity
  • Intuition and decision making
  • Active and creative change management