Psychological tests

Psychological tests

The tests used at Kogwheel Consulting explore the most relevant areas in organisational psychology, such as: perseverance, thoroughness, ambition, leadership skills, creativity, sales skills, etc. According to your needs, it is of course possible to use questionnaires that explore further areas.

When is it recommended to use psychological tests?

  • external and internal selection,
  • competence evaluation,
  • 360 degrees evaluation,
  • career planning,
  • assessing development needs,
  • performance evaluation
  • outplacement.

Skills tests:

  • Intelligence test – intelligence, logical skills
  • Creativity test – flexibility and originality of thinking and behaviour, uniqueness of associations
  • Organisation skills test – problem sensitivity, logical thinking, timely delivery, strategic and tactical decision making
  • Precision and attention tests – attention span, fluctuation with time, attention fatigue, tolerance for monotony, error rate
  • Motivation and coping at work
  • Work values questionnaires – intrinsic, convenience, financial, relations with co-workers, diversity, independence, physical environment, etc.
  • Assessing barriers – exploring blockage points, what is causing/caused issues in the current/past position?
  • Conflict management questionnaire – what solutions do you choose in conflict? E.g. competition, accommodation, compromise, avoidance, problem focus

The tests only measure competencies that are relevant at work and thus fully respect privacy and personality rights.

They comply with the highest international professional standards (objectivity, validity and reliability), the European norms for proficiency assessment (DIN 33430: Requirements for proficiency assessment procedures and their implementation) and are also accredited by the Test Commission of the Hungarian Psychological Society.

To facilitate the testing procedure, we do our best to provide candidates the possibility of filling the tests online and we also deliver results electronically to our clients.