Project management training

Project management training

The essence of project management is to focus human and technical resources, information as well as relevant methodological and technical tools on achieving a given goal, while coordinating on a high level different fields and organisational units. The success of a corporate project hinges on the efficiency of the colleague charged with managing the project and whether this colleague has the necessary technical competencies.

Participants of our project management training will learn about

  • the basic concepts of project management,
  • the possible methods for choosing and evaluating projects,
  • the project planning cycle (defining the project, aims of the organisation and of the project, work breakdown structure, scope, requirements, communication plan, roles, responsibilities, creating the schedule, assigning resources to the schedule, budget, risk analysis), demonstrated with a concrete example,
  • the main project monitoring mechanisms.

Participants will familiarise with the soft skill sets and team leadership techniques required for successful project management:

  • leading, motivating and promoting cohesion within a team that changes continuosly in composition and size,
  • persuasion, efficient communication on both organisational and team levels,
  • managing information flow,
  • planning and delegating tasks,
  • time management,
  • managing meetings.

Since this is training is practice-based training, following a short summary of theory, we usually plan our own – fictive or real – projects in order to put knowledge gained into practice. While planning projects we also demonstrate to participants how a project is launched in practice – either through one, or depending on participant numbers, several projects.