Presentation skills training

Presentation skills training

Presenting is an integral part of our everyday work, as the success of a project or the introduction of a new product may well hinge on our presentation skills. This skills training is recommended for those who would like to be able to address audiences of ten or even hundreds convincingly in a confident, relaxed manner, mastering visual tools to enhance their presentations.

At our Presentation skills training, participants will:

  • learn about presentation types, the difference between these and how they can be used- in a theoretical section of our training.
  • give at least four different presentations and receive video feedback afterwards, as we put an emphasis on practice-based learning.
  • be provided with tools for reducing stress when performing in front of a public, for maintaining the audience’s attention as effectively as possible and for developing a relaxed and stylish presentation style.

Topics of our Presentation skills training:  

  • What are the elements of communication? What is the actual mechanism of communication?
  • How can I overcome stage fright?
  • How can I deal with the initial indifference of my public?
  • How can I use the whole space available? How should I furnish the room, what technological tools to use?
  • How can I make a presentation with Power Point and other technical tools?
  • How should I structure my presentation? How should I prepare?
  • How should I prepare a presentation when invited to present unexpectedly?
  • How can I deal with and respond to the public? With up to how many participants can we handle two-way communication?
  • How to ‘leave an impression’ in our audience when we close our presentation?