Performance evaluation is one of the most important tools employers (leaders) have for providing feedback. The evaluation of delivered work is of great significance to coworkers and has an impact on their loyalty towards the company as well as on their individual motivation levels. When, how and by who performance evaluation is delivered is therefore crucial. Our training helps to develop the personal competencies necessary for successful performance evaluation for managers and HR employees whose job role includes providing feedback and conducting employee performance review discussions.

At our Performance evaluation training, participants will:

  • familiarise with the process and criteria of feedback and performance evaluation,
  • learn how to provide positive-, negative- and developmental feedback,
  • be able to manage difficult situations and people, providing feedback even when encountering resistance or conflict,
  • learn how to deliver feedback in a way that is adapted to the person receiving it, that helps the employee to truly understand the aims of the company, to learn about their own, personal action plan and to see what personal development opportunities they have within the company.


Optional modules of our Performance evaluation training: 

  • Performance evaluation as a management tool
  • Concepts of competence, its measurement and role in the performance evaluation system
  • Performance measurement tools
  • The performance evaluation procedure
  • How to conduct a performance review meeting, agenda of the performance review meeting
  • What makes a performance review meeting successful?
  • Constructive feedback techniques, inventory of motivational and communication tools that can be used during performance evaluation
  • Using the results of performance evaluation