Outplacement program

Outplacement program

Our Outplacement support program, led by our expert career coaches specialised in crisis management, prepares employees for change during the 2-3 months following the end of their contract. To protect your company’s brand reputation, it is particularly important that departing employees’ negative emotions about the situation come to the surface in a channelled manner – between our consultancy firm and the employee – rather than during interviews with other companies when applying for a new position.

Our support program helps departing employees to find new employment as soon as possible and increases feelings of security and motivation in those employees who stay with the company.

Aims of the Outplacement program:

  • processing and reducing negative emotions (disappointment, fear, anger),
  • stress management,
  • improving self-esteem,
  • forming a positive attitude,
  • formulating goals,
  • define a career program,
  • prepare for interviews,
  • job search tips, job marketing

Topics of the Outplacement program:

  • Getting to know your own skills and competences with the help of a professional psychologist
  • Exploring possibilities of the job market with the help of a professional head-hunter
  • Formulating our expectations, desires and aims
  • Defining the steps, eventual further training necessary to achieve these
  • Skills training tailored to the individual (e.g.: communication skills training)
  • Job marketing, creating a job search strategy
  • How to create your CV and motivation letter
  • Preparing for interviews, mock interviews