Our rapidly changing economic and natural environment is a major challenge for corporations and their ability to adapt to new situations flexibly has become one of the key criteria for success.

To achieve such flexibility however, transforming processes alone is not sufficient; it is also necessary to rethink the organisational structure. We must enable employees working in the organisation to appropriately handle these changes. Our team of professionals with many years of experience in organisational development is here to help you with just that.

As a result of our organisational development programs, our clients can expect:

  • an increase in employee engagement
  • change related anxiety to decrease and internal stability to improve
  • their corporation to cope more easily with challenges such as leadership change, restructuring, crisis management, growth, innovation.

Stages of our organisational development programs:

  • organisational diagnostics (individual interviews, focus group discussions)
  • feedback (individual feedback, validation of results, feedback workshop with group)
  • development planning
  • implementation of development processes (individual and team coaching – action learning, development of cooperation, leadership development, talent programs)
  • process development consulting
  • strategic workshops
  • competency framework development, creation of job descriptions
  • facilitation of change management
  • supporting internal reorganisation and restructuring