Negotiation skills training

Negotiation skills training

The success of business meetings depends greatly on the individual competence of the negotiating colleague, therefore developing this competence may be a key success factor. Our negotiation skills training will familiarise participants with the dynamics of negotiations and will develop the communication and interpersonal skills necessary for reaching an advantageous negotiating position.

Our Negotiation skills training will:

  • familiarise participants with the methodology of successful negotiations,
  • enable them to skilfully apply meeting management techniques,
  • to plan and implement the strategy of the meeting,
  • to present their view efficiently,
  • to reach the set meeting goals productively.

Possible topics of the training:

  • Differences between communication and negotiation communication
  • What makes a negotiation successful?
  • Creating a win-win situation
  • Assertiveness in meetings
  • Preparing meetings, defining goals
  • Building the negotiation strategy
  • Meeting roles
  • Possible reactions, managing critical negotiation situations
  • Critical negotiation situations, conflict management
  • Body language, metacommunication, understanding hidden meaning
  • Gaining hidden negotiation insights