Multi generations in the workforce: building collaboration

Multi generations in the workforce: building collaboration

It is undeniable in the present day that four generations constitute the workforce: baby boomers and generations X, Y and Z. Raising awareness of common denominators across generations that are socialised in different ways, building on these in everyday practice, recognising each generation’s strengths, weaknesses as well as the pitfalls of these differences is crucial for organisations today.

The aim of our Building collaboration among generations training is to hold up a mirror for the different generations working together, to raise self-awareness by sharing everyday practice and experience. This facilitates communication and makes it more efficient, promotes more productive collaboration and all in all makes living next to- and with each other more harmonious.

The topics of the training are defined along the following issues, tailored to the specific needs of the corporation or organisation:  

  • Why should we consider differences among generations, should we consider these at all?
  • The consequences of accelerated development in the society.
  • Flipped socialisation in the information society, in the digital era / asymmetries and role-switching between generations.
  • Everyday messages of the consumer society for different generations.
  • Gens X, Y, Z, an interactive comparative analyses.
  • Emotions, interests and relationships at work.
  • How communication styles differ with each generation.
  • How attitudes towards core values differ with each generation.
  • Knowledge, authority and prestige.
  • Generational differences in the perception of work and private life.
  • Young employees in the organisation, how to motivate them.
  • Generational conflicts between managers and subordinates.
  • Corporate cultures and intergenerational affiliation.