Media training

Media training

Sending a credible, clear and engaging message through the media, representing our position and interests is not an easy task. It is easy however, to lose focus on important messages and goals amidst the diverging topics of an interview, or when we are asked difficult questions at a press conference or again when we are surrounded by different participants of a round table discussion. Our media training teaches participants how to handle the media effortlessly and skilfully in such situations. Participants will receive coaching in successful media performance and will gain an understanding of journalists’ viewpoints, allowing them to keep the focus on their own agenda whilst cooperating with the journalists. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part, with an emphasis on the latter, which consists of practising typical media enquiry situations and includes recording and analysing participants’ performance together.

We recommend our media training for:

  • employees at any level, who are authorized to speak to the media
  • anyone who represents themselves or an organisation towards the media
  • anyone who wishes to speak in public in a relaxed, confident manner

The training includes the following topics:

  • Hungarian media and review of the market
  • Introduction to verbal and nonverbal communication and their use
  • Handling media enquiries, speaking to the media, legal rights
  • Situation simulations with analyses of video recordings: press conference, board meetings, radio and TV interviews, tips, tricks and game changers

The concrete topics of each media training are designed individually for each organisation, according to the situation of the person speaking to the media, their issues and their development goals.