Intercultural training

Intercultural training

Collaboration among colleagues from different countries can often involve misunderstandings and conflicts. In many cases, these problems are simply cultural and become avoidable if colleagues familiarise with each other’s cultural background and the nature of intercultural communication.

Participants of our Intercultural training will

  • learn to recognise and handle intercultural conflicts,
  • understand their own cultural profile and the tendencies, behaviours characterising other cultures,
  • formulate solutions to intercultural conflict by discovering values behind stereotypes,
  • develop more effective cooperation skills through the above and tension due to communication problems will decrease significantly.

Possible modules:

  • For foreign managers: How to lead a Hungarian team?
  • For foreign colleagues: How to work with Hungarian colleagues and business partners?
  • For Hungarian colleagues: How to work with foreign managers, colleagues? (culture specific training material)
  • For Hungarian colleagues: Effective written and oral business communication in English, German, French languages
  • Preparing colleagues for an expatriate assignment: cross-cultural training specific to the destination
  • Team buildings for stronger cross-cultural teams
  • International negotiation techniques: protocol and negotiation strategies across cultures

Further, optional modules:

  • Training family members of foreign colleagues: How to feel at home in Hungary? (nurseries, schools, meeting opportunities, etc)
  • Business language training
  • Hungarian as a foreign language