Individual coaching is a process of scheduled individual sessions that drives the development of employees’ professional competencies and ability to take on responsibilities with confidence by working through concrete problems.

Coaching helps the participant to:

  • build on their existing knowledge, experience and skills in order to
  • perceive their own situation from a new perspective, a different angle and to thus
  • explore opportunities that present themselves,
  • solve problems- or instead,
  • adapt to change,
  • learn about their own way of functioning through continuous self-discovery,
  • become able to work and live accordingly to the above independently, through supervisory experience and self-awareness.

Further details regarding the method:

  • Individual coaching sessions take place between coach and coachee, which allows for the coach to build a confidential, personal relationship with their client.
  • The aim of the method is to improve personal performance, to develop responsibility and motivation by building on existing strengths.
  • An important part of the method is to apply in practice the acquired knowledge.
  • The program spans over a longer period of time (5-10 sessions), however each session can be relatively brief.
  • During the coaching process we emphasise opportunities and solutions which help both the client and the organisation to progress.