Growth mindset workshop

Growth mindset workshop

 Presenting and strengthening a growth mindset in your organisation will provide colleagues with a sense of how continuous development and renewal can effectively boost energy levels and enthusiasm as well as help them to exploit their creative resources. The workshop will also develop innovative and outside the box thinking in participants. Finally, we will raise awareness about the range of possibilities that an intelligent organisation can open and show how change can be facilitated and more successful with this method.

The training is delivered as a practice-based workshop. We will bring participants to reflect on the practical use and enriching nature of attitude change, multidimensional and off-the-track thinking through enlightening examples, inventive short films and role play games.

Upon request we introduce professionals who are already implementing with success the methods presented. They will relate the story of their success, discuss difficulties and ‘profits’.

 At the Growth mindset workshop, colleagues will

  • develop their need for continuous renewal and development,
  • learn to recognise the signs of a ‘fixed mindset’ and learn about tools for promoting processes that foster renewal and development,
  • discuss, facilitated by our professionals, how ‘our own organisation stands with this topic’,
  • acquire a growth mindset through their own examples and case studies.

 The introduction to the workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Clarifying the concept, dissipating misconceptions and prejudices.
  • Identifying our own current mindset.
  • Why is it worthwhile to adopt a growth mindset?
  • How can our team gradually adopt this mindset, focused on growth and development?

Topics of the workshop:

  • Examine your current mindset!
  • In what situations do we tend to adopt a ‘fixed mindset’?
  • How can we give effective praise and feedback?
  • How should we receive feedback?
  • What kinds of beliefs can hinder change and development?
  • How should we handle failure and success?
  • How can we create a corporate culture that promotes a growth mindset?