I have been working with people for 19 years. In addition to my activity as a psychiatrist, in recent years coaching, mediation and small group training have been increasing moving into the foreground of my professional life. Currently, I provide support on an individual as well on a small group basis to the employees of the UN, diplomats and expats working in Hungary. My more significant clients were the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Central Media Group Plc. and the Duna Medical Center.

​My professional emphasis lies on assertive presence and communication, conflict management, emotion management/self-awareness, leadership competency development (setting goals, motivating co-workers, delegation and self-fulfilment), stress management, stress relief techniques, , Development Center/Assessment Center.

​I earned my trainer’s qualifications in Vista Verde (mediation), Coach Academy (solution-oriented coaching) and at the courses of Antener Training Centre. The foundation of my methods consists of non-violent communication, Transaction Analysis, Psychodrama, and systematic approach