Our colleagues may experience emotionally stressful problems in their personal or professional lives that may affect their mental or even their physical health. This can affect their performance at work (concentration, motivation, mood) therefore it is important to offer appropriate expert support at the beginning of the given problem.

Throughout the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employees and their family members can receive psychological support free of charge from a professional, anonymously over the phone, online or under live counselling.

As a result of the program, problems such as absences, time spent on sick leave, along with the number of accidents, tardiness and mistakes decrease significantly.

Under the EAP everyone receives support in and when they need. The most frequent topics in counselling are the following:

  • Personal development (eg., parenting, relationship issues,learning techniques, skills development)
  • Psychological issues (eg. Sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, mourning, family crisis situations, drugs, alcohol)
  • Health and Wellness (eg. chronic diseases, healthy eating, smoking cessation)
  • Leadership development (eg. managing difficult colleagues, conflict management, burnout-prevention, harassment-prevention)

The program includes crisis-intervention and workshops supporting mental health at the workplace, if needed.

EAP can be used as an independent service, or as a part of the organization’s wellbeing or stress-reduction program.