Emotional intelligence (EQ) training

Emotional intelligence (EQ) training

Research shows that our emotional intelligence (EQ) levels have a significantly greater effect on our personal and professional success than our cognitive intelligence (IQ). Emotional intelligence, our ability to deal with emotions, more specifically, to recognise, understand and manage our own and other people’s emotions is a competence we can develop at any age.

Our emotional intelligence training course not only provides participants with the skills to be more self-aware and to assess others’ emotions more effectively, but also teaches participants concrete techniques to improve their relationships and to become better team players.

Participants will:

  • recognise and understand how inner motivations guide our thoughts, feelings and behaviour,
  • master flexible perspective taking and learn how to put themselves in other people’s shoes,
  • grow aware of and lose earlier negative behavioural patterns, adopting positive responses that are more adapted to their aims
  • learn how to identify and effectively handle their own and others’ negative emotions
  • become more effective in handling stressful conflict situations,
  • develop their own emotional balance.

Emotional intelligence training course topics:

  • Understanding the role of emotions
  • The emotional brain
  • Feeling, stress conflict, trust – how they are linked
  • Identifying emotions
  • Developing emotional awareness
  • Improving our self-confidence
  • Experiencing our feelings
  • Controlling emotional reactions
  • The role of emotions in a trust-based relationship
  • Recognising the advantages of trust
  • Respecting others’ feelings
  • Expressing and sharing our feelings
  • Let’s think positively!
  • Dealing with difficult feelings in stressful situations
  • Mastering conflict management strategies
  • Adopting behaviours that prevent conflict