Culture-specific intercultural trainings

Culture-specific intercultural trainings

Cooperation of co-workers coming from different countries often involve misunderstandings and conflicts. The majority of these issues are rooted in cultural differences and can be prevented, if the people working together become more familiar with each other’s cultural background and the regularities of intercultural communication.

With our culture-specific intercultural training, we would primarily wish to help those Hungarians who are getting ready for a long-term international assignment. Getting to know the culture of the target country in advance can help them to a great extent to deal with the challenges of daily life and to work more effectively.

As a result, the participants of the training will be able to

  • Develop a flexible and proactive attitude towards cultural differences,
  • Gain a deeper insight into their own cultural values and into other people’s image of our country,
  • Understand the motives behind unusual or differing behaviour patterns and cognitive processes,
  • Attain information and knowledge of the culture of the target country,
  • Establish and maintain effective business relationships with co-workers and business partners working in the target country.

Topics of the culture-specific intercultural training:

  • Basic principles of intercultural communication
  • Drawing a personal cultural profile
  • Reviewing and becoming familiar with the culture of the target country
  • Differences in business culture and working style
  • The process of cultural accommodation

The presenters of the culture-specific trainings are invariably renowned experts with long years of experience in the culture of the target country.