Crisis communication training

Crisis communication training

In crisis situations everything happens fast, we need to make many decisions, we need to make them fast and we do so under great pressure. Those who regularly work in crisis situations know that however experienced we are in managing tense situations, there is always an unexpected element or twist. This is one of the reasons why it is important to prepare as much as possible in advance. This training will help you with exactly that: participants will develop skills and concrete knowledge they can firmly rely on in crisis situations. These will reduce their stress, arm them with increased self-confidence and help them gain time to focus only on the most important tasks.

Who do we recommend our Crisis communication and media training for?

For any employee, whatever their grade, who is assigned tasks in crisis situations: upper and middle managers, members of the crisis management committee.

What is the training program?

  • Participants learn through ongoing crisis situations, or through the simulation of past- or possible future situations taken from the company or organisation’s life and history. The committee receives the foundation of a crisis and as they progress with the solution, new events occur again and again to inform their decisions, making their task more difficult.
  • We deliver the exercises based on our crisis simulation handbook.

The concrete case studies used for our Crisis simulation trainings are based on concrete situations relevant for our participants.