Competence-based interview techniques training

Competence-based interview techniques training

Competence based interviews are an effective tool for assessing candidates’ actual competences and for selecting colleagues for the organisation who fit the position best. During the training participants will learn about the most up-to-date interviewing methods, tools and acquire the techniques of competence-based interviewing through practice, in simulated interview situations.

At our Competence-based interview techniques training, participants will

  • review their own selection practice, determine their strengths and weaknesses,
  • learn how to plan and correctly use competence-based questions in interviews,
  • develop their interviewing techniques with practical elements,
  • acquire and practice the most up-to-date communication and interviewing techniques,
  • become acquainted with competences and competence management systems,
  • develop a system of well-defined criteria allowing them to select the best candidates for each position.

Optional topics of the training:

  • Competences and the competence matrix (short theoretical summary)
  • Writing competence-based job advertisements
  • Screening CVs based on competences
  • Preparing the interview
  • Defining the required competences for a position
  • How competences can be demonstrated
  • Phases of competence-based interviewing
  • Most frequent interview questions and what not to ask
  • Common interview mistakes
  • How to evaluate an interview
  • How to communicate the decision