Coaching skills for managers

Coaching skills for managers

One of the most important responsibilities managers have is to support employee development. Developing self-awareness as a leader and broadening the scope of their leadership tools both contribute greatly to managers’ success in leading their team.

Our Coaching skills for managers program teaches participants how to effectively coach their employees, the most important skill for employee development: they will acquire the background knowledge for coaching as managers, develop and practice the skills necessary for effective coaching.

Coaching skills for managers training topics:

  • Fundamentals of coaching, the coaching process
  • Coaching types (individual coaching, team coaching)
  • The roles of self-awareness and insight into character as a leader and as a coach
  • How to build up our role as a coach – manager
  • Types of employee management – situated management and the place of the coaching approach
  • What should we use coaching for?
  • Methodology and tools of coaching
  • Active listening and questioning skills in coaching
  • Stress- and conflict management in coaching

An essential part of this training is turning into practice the acquired theoretical knowledge, using the following methods:

  • Elaborating classic executive coach topics through case studies
  • Live coaching exercises
  • Onboarding coaching exercises