Client management, client focused communication

Client management, client focused communication

From factories to service providing companies, corporate image will depend mostly on the communication skills of employees responsible for client management. As they are in direct contact with clients, they can significantly contribute to creating a positive image, ensuring that clients and customers remain loyal to the company and its products.

Training participants will:

  • familiarise with the basics of client focused attitude and mindset,
  • acquire techniques for increasing client satisfaction, from initial contact to the final phase of interaction,
  • acquire techniques for establishing a relationship (greeting), methods for assessing needs (listening and enquiring), techniques for demonstrating products and possible solutions,
  • depending on the purpose of the training, participants will acquire the essentials of effective sales techniques, and learn how to propose alternative or complementary products or services to clients,
  • learn how to handle difficult or angry customers and complaints in an adequate and client friendly way- a highlighted topic of the course.

Target group of the training:

  • all employees who need to work with external or internal clients,
  • e.g.: office personnel, call centre and service centre staff, cashiers, sales assistants, hotel and catering staff

Optional modules:

  • client focused communication on the phone
  • client focused written communication
  • client focused communication in person