Change management training

Continuous change has become a part of every company’s everyday lives, since adapting flexibly to a changing economical and societal environment has become a key criterion for effective functioning. Still, much of the effort to carry out necessary changes is in vain, or at least the process will be implemented more slowly than anticipated, which in turn can have further negative consequences, such as drop in performance, the wasting of resources, bad general atmosphere or employees leaving the company. Our change management training provides support for managers who are tasked with implementing planned change and aim to do so seamlessly, reducing tension in the organisation.

Participants of our Change management training will:

  • understand the individual and group dynamics, reactions generated by change,
  • be able to recognise and prepare for potentially difficult situations,
  • learn how to consciously experience and strengthen their own role in change management,
  • enrich, develop their skills and practices for managing change.

Optional topics for our Change management training:

  • Nature, process and stages of change
  • Changes in self-image, adaptation strategies
  • Triggering change, organisational changes
  • Personal process of change, personal reactions
  • Resistance to change in organisations
  • How to manage resistance to change as a leader
  • Developing commitment in the organisation
  • Communicating change