Assertive communication training

Assertive communication training

Assertiveness is a communication method that can be acquired by anyone, merges the ability to stand up for our own points with the ability to consider other people’s interests, thereby promoting cooperation and trustworthy, efficient communication. Assertiveness develops emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy, which are all skills that can be developed efficiently.

At our Assertive communication training, participants will:

  • familiarise with different relevant behavioural forms (aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive and assertive),
  • identify and learn how to consciously manage their own typical behaviours,
  • learn how to react to other people’s behaviours, even in difficult situations,
  • master the practice of assertive communication,
  • practice how to provide and to accept constructive criticism,
  • implement the acquired techniques in practice through situation- and group tasks.

Optional topics:

  • Vindicating our interests and assertiveness
  • Understanding other people’s behaviour, understanding the importance of non-verbal communication and metacommunication
  • Assertiveness questionnaire
  • Recognising assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Behavioural techniques of assertiveness
  • Receiving negative feedback, managing conflict assertively
  • Learning how to say no
  • Managing an angry partner, resolving conflict with assertive methods