360 degrees assessment

​360 degrees assessment and feedback is a widely used process to measure employee competences. Each employee’s work-related competences and skills are assessed by the individual and by others working in the same organisation (superior, colleagues, subordinates). We analyse and summarise the results of these questionnaires and then provide feedback based on the results.

Several versions of 360 degrees assessments are available on the market, all based on similar principles, however, it is also possible to develop assessments that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs. The questionnaires can be administered on paper, but with greater participant numbers it is more practical to use online versions.

In what ways are 360 degrees assessments different from other questionnaires?

• participants can themselves choose the colleagues they wish to receive feedback from
• only the participant can see the results, besides the consultant
• evaluations for each competency can be summarised – anonymously – for the whole or just a division of the organisation, providing an excellent basis for developing training programs
• with 360 degrees assessments we do not aim for objectivity or an exact diagnosis (as we would with personality questionnaires), instead, the aim is to explore the subjective perceptions of the colleagues surrounding a participant (’others’ perceptions of me’) and to compare these to perceptions of the self (’how I see myself’) or how the participant would like to be perceived (’how I would like to be seen by others’)
• 360 degrees assessments cannot be used for performance evaluation, as it measures competences and not performance and does not evaluate a given period retrospectively, but focuses on future possibilities for development instead