Teambuilding trainings

A well-functioning team is more than the simple addition of the individual contributions of team members. The aim of teambuilding events is to strengthen group identity through experience, in other words, to form a team which is effective, where the members communicate well with each other and perform their best at work. Spending 2-3 days together, the team members get to know each other better and find it easier to harmonise their individual aims with the team’s interests. Closer knit relations help for communication to be smoother, promoting a positive work atmosphere, which both enhance work performance considerably.

Our indoor development exercises allow for the participants to express their own personalities, to demonstrate their hidden skills as well as to try themselves in various situation games and in simulated life situations. The team members have to solve various exercises and discuss the experience together directly afterwards with the facilitation of the trainer, relating the events to everyday work life examples.

The outdoor elements of our trainings provide not only active leisure, but also help to reinforce team spirit and mutual trust by having the members deal with dexterity tasks together. The exercises are designed in a way that the participants can solve them only if they actively share information and pay attention to each other. These outdoor exercises naturally do not require physical fitness. We recommend our trainings to all who believe that a well-functioning team is the key to a well-working company.

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