Stress management trainings

Stress is part of our everyday life and can indeed have an adverse effect on the quality of our work. Appropriate ways for managing stress and for dealing with stressful situations may be acquired by or developed in everyone.

The leading trainers of Kogwheel are clinical psychologists with vast experience in the fields of stress management and stress intervention. During the training they teach everyday techniques that promote a healthier, stress-free life, improving work performance and motivation. We recommend this training for those who find it difficult to deal with the stressful situations they face in a specific period of their life, who work in positions which require good stress tolerance and would like to learn how they could cope better with challenging situations. For each participant, trainers identify the sources of stress, the negative feelings associated to these and, using specific techniques, they go through the possible creative solutions. The training covers time management and discusses the importance of establishing mutually supportive relationships as well as how to regenerate these, as these are the most important health-preserving elements of stress management. Different ways to let go (e.g.: relaxation techniques, imagination, exercise) are experienced by the participants in order for everyone to find the most suitable method.

The aim of the course is to provide short- and long term solutions for handling stress appropriately, enhancing individual productivity.

• Stress management training
• Burnout-prevention training
• Relaxation training
• Smoking cessation training