Psychological testing

Are you interested in the competencies of your employees? Do you have difficulties in selecting among candidates? The quickest solution is to use psychological tests. The tests we utilize assess the fields that are most often considered in work psychology, such as: persistence, precision, ambition, leadership skills, creativity, sales skills, etc. If required, inventories of different focus may also be applied.

Overall personality inventories

The tests Kogwheel Consulting uses are appropriate for both external and internal selection, for competence assessment, 360° surveys, career planning, development needs assessment, performance reviews and outplacement.

These tools are restricted to measuring the competencies that are relevant in work life and therefore respect personality rights fully. They meet the highest international professional standards (regarding objectivity, validity and reliability), the European requirements for proficiency assessment procedures and their implementation (DIN 33430) and are also recognised by the Test Committee of the Hungarian Psychological Society.

In order to facilitate the testing process we provide candidates the opportunity to fill the tests online whenever possible and we deliver the results electronically to our clients.

Ability tests

• Intelligence tests – intelligence, analytical skills
• Creativity tests – flexibility of thought and behaviour, originality, scope of associations
• Organising skills test – problem awareness, overseeing a situation logically, sense of urgency, strategic and tactical decision making
• Precision and attention tests – attention span, fluctuation rate, concentration performance, tolerance of monotony, error ratio
• Motivation, coping with work problems
• Work values inventories – explores the constellation of the candidates’ interests, with factors like intellectual drive, financial incentive, security, social drives, need for change, independence, physical environment, etc.
• Assessment of inhibitors – evaluation of the barriers of motivation, what causes problems in present/past positions?
• Conflict management inventory – what solutions does a person choose in conflict situations? E.g.: competing, adapting, compromising, avoiding, problem-focused

If required, inventories of different focus may also be applied.