Presentation skills trainings

The success of a project or the introduction of a new product on the market depends greatly on the way these are presented. Our development training is recommended for all who wish to learn how to address audiences of tens or hundreds in a confident, relaxed and convincing way, using demonstration tools knowingly.
In the theoretical block, participants familiarise with various presentation forms, the differences among these and the ways to apply them. Since successful presenting is not simply the implementation of theories, but a skill that may continuously be developed, our training puts great emphasis on practice and participants are brought face-to-face with their development areas. Using our professional experience, we provide techniques for dealing with stress as well as for capturing and keeping up the audience’s attention. Our aim is that by the end of the training, participants acquire the ability to consciously control and manoeuvre both the contents of their presentation as well as their listeners.

• What are the elements of the communication process?
• How can I influence and persuade my audience?
• How can we overcome stage fright?
• How can I defeat the initial indifference of my audience?
• How can I use space?
• How can we keep up close attention for a longer while?
• How should we put together our presentation?
• How should I prepare?
• What should I do if I am unexpectedly asked to present?
• How can I handle my audience and their inputs?
• With up to how many people can two way communication work?
• How should we close our presentation in order to leave an impression in our audience?