Management skills trainings

„When one is nominated to be a manager, it is as if he or she changed jobs completely”. In a management position it is not the level of professional knowledge that counts any more – since the leader spends most of his or her time managing people. The leader’s task is to steer his employees towards best results and effective work as well as to motivate people to contribute actively to reaching the organisational goals. This requires management skills that are not taught in university curricula. Our management trainings offer the possibility for learning how to lead on a professional level.

The aim of the training is for practicing managers to recognise the significance of leadership and management as an art per se as well as a profession. Personal effectiveness, social competencies as well as accurate self-evaluation all have an important role in forming leadership abilities. Our development process not only familiarises leaders with different leadership styles, but also gives the opportunity to take home concrete, practical knowledge they can use in their professional life. These new skills are practiced on case studies, situation exercises and role plays. The double goal is therefore to pass on theoretical knowledge as well as to give the opportunity to translate this knowledge into skills and to apply these in practice.

Modules (may be provided independently):
• How to motivate effectively
• Performance evaluation training
• Selection practices and interviewing techniques for managers
• Conducting successful meetings
• Leadership communication training
• Crisis communication training
• Conflict management training
• Presentation skills training
• Intercultural leadership training
• The leader as coach
• Managing stress and preventing burnout for leaders
• Self-knowledge in leadership practice
• Cooperation skills training for management team members