Intercultural trainings

Cooperation among colleagues from different countries often brings misunderstandings and conflicts. A great deal of these problems are based on cultural differences and are avoidable once the colleagues get to know each other’s cultural background better and familiarise with the formalities of intercultural communication.
The participants of intercultural trainings learn how to communicate effectively in multinational environments, as well as to recognise and to deal with conflicts that are of cultural nature. These make collaboration more effective and the costs associated with communication problems are reduced considerably.
The trainings reveal how Hungarian colleagues perceive the foreign team members and vice versa, through success and failure stories they have experienced while working with different cultures. With techniques that promote self-awareness, the training helps participants to come to terms with their own cultural profile and shows the tendencies, behaviour patterns that are characteristic for the other culture. Following the exploration of the values hidden behind stereotypes, through case study discussion and role plays facilitated by the trainer, the team members themselves formulate the solutions for dealing with conflicts stemming from cultural differences.

• For foreign managers: How to manage a Hungarian team?
• For foreign colleagues: How to work together with Hungarian colleagues and business partners?
• For Hungarian colleagues: How to work together with foreign managers and colleagues? (training material tailored to specific culture)
• For Hungarian colleagues: Written and oral business communication training in English, German and French languages
• For colleagues preparing an international assignment: culture specific induction
• Teambuilding to promote intercultural cooperation
• International negotiation training: protocols and negotiation strategies in various cultures

Complementary modules:
• Training for the family members of foreign colleagues: How to feel ourselves at home in Hungary? (getting together, meeting people, contacts, kindergartens, day schools, schools, etc)
• Foreign business language course
• Hungarian course for foreigners