Equalities awareness trainings

Being committed to promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment is an important pillar of ethical company life. It requires though the openness and attentiveness of leaders and colleagues towards the matter. It is also important that the company leaders conceive of workplace fairness as an added value that pushes the company forward in reaching its strategic business goals. An attitude-forming training that creates awareness of issues and commitment towards the topic among managers may be of great use in this process.

The primary goal of our trainings is to promote awareness towards the equality of chances, to enhance tolerance, openness and inclusivity.
Our method is based on direct experience which helps participants understand how stereotypes and prejudices work, to face the different ways in which discrimination may be manifested. The participants experience what it is like to be in the privileged situation and how it feels to be excluded, which contributes to developing empathy towards marginalised groups.

An important element of the training is the common mapping of possible solutions, which encourages those who are at an advantage to make active steps against the exclusion of the underprivileged. The goal of the training is to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere in order to help members to gradually find a way to cooperate and to work in a team. Individuals are encouraged to recognise various forms of discrimination, to deal with it appropriately and to intervene.

• Introduction for employers on how to deal effectively with underprivileged groups
• Awareness and antidiscrimination training for HR employees
• Awareness and antidiscrimination training for managers
• Awareness and antidiscrimination training for trainer colleagues
• Equalities awareness team building
• Preparatory training for disadvantaged colleagues of for colleagues living with a disability on how to adapt to workplace
• Team building for integrating disadvantaged colleagues
• Mentoring and coaching following start of work for disadvantaged colleagues
• Mentoring and coaching following start of work for employers