Development Center

When selecting among internal candidates, it is often difficult to decide who would be the best choice, who would perform better in a leadership position for instance? When companies merge, it is also often a question who should be chosen among equally qualified professionals for a new position?
Our Development Center exercises are developed in a way that best measures the critical competencies of our clients’ competence-inventory. The Development Centre faces colleagues with individual-, paired- or group tasks that they have most probably never encountered earlier and therefore reveal valuable information about each participant.

Recommended for:
- internal selection
- promotion
- supporting development plans
- competence-mapping.

The advantages:

Tailored: the participants’ behaviour can be observed in situation exercises which best model the cases and issues that may occur in the future position. This way, the spontaneous reactions of applicants facilitate immediate decisions as to who is fit for the vacancy.
Objective: because all candidates are evaluated along the same, previously defined assessment criteria and because each applicant is observed not only by two psychologists, but also two or three further assessors on our client’s behalf. The assessment is based on observable behaviour, and therefore the aptitude of each candidate may be judged more reliably.
Time-saving: practically any number of participants may be assessed in one day.
Multi-focused and complex design: the candidates show their skills in several situations and are assessed by several observers.
Active: candidates take part actively and spontaneously as they are unaware of the exact expectations or any ‘good answers’. This way they show their most typical behaviour, stemming from their own personality.


- Group tasks (e.g.: group decision, project planning)
- Exercises in pairs, role plays (e.g.: negotiation, conflict with client, etc.)
- Presentation task
- Short case studies
- Psychological tests (personality inventories, ability tests) and psychological interview


We deliver our Development Center services in Hungarian, English, German and French languages.