Costumer-focused communication trainings

The image of service and production companies depends greatly on the communication skills of colleagues working in client service. They are the persons who are in direct contact with the client and are responsible for creating a favourable image of the company. They are the ones who are able to engage clients and customers for the long term. Practices that help to keep up good client relationships are accessible for everyone – this is where our trainings come into the picture.

The first and most basic aim of the training is to create a client-focused attitude and mindset. Participants learn how to improve client satisfaction, starting from contacting the client all the way to closing communication. They learn how to create contact (greeting), the ways to assess needs (listening and asking), the possible means for proposing products and solutions. They also acquire effective sales tips, for instance, how to recommend replacement- and complementary products or services to the customer. We put great emphasis on presenting adequate, client-oriented ways to cope with problematic, annoyed customers and complaints.

The target group of this training includes all colleagues who are required to cooperate with external or internal clients: office workers, call centre and service centre employees, receptionists, cashiers, vendors, hotel- and catering workers.

• Customer-focused communication on the phone (available also in English / German / French languages)
• Customer-focused communication in writing (available also in English / German / French languages)
• Customer-focused communication in face-to-face situations (available also in English / German / French languages)