Communication trainings

Business success depends greatly on how our colleagues communicate verbally or in writing with clients, partners and each other. Positive communication techniques that are based on cooperation can be acquired by anyone – this is where our communication skills trainings can help. The training develops greatly participants’ ability to gain control over the communication process – both with colleagues and clients.

Once acquainted with the basic principles of communication, participants can try themselves in situations that have meant a problem for them so far. Role plays give the possibility for a corrective experience, when a malfunctioning communication practice is adjusted. Through various exercises, participants can familiarise with the typical features of different communication situations and will gain the confidence to decide what strategy to use in a given situation with a particular partner. Our training puts emphasis on active listening as well, since successful communication equally depends on receptivity and openness. Our experienced trainers encourage participants to come to terms with their own strengths and development areas, proposing ways to cope with eventual failures. These skills also help the individual to be more effective in problem solving.

Communication skills trainings are proven to improve communication, making professional collaboration more effective and promoting business success.

• Effective and assertive communication
• Leadership communication
• Client-focused oral / written communication
• Intercultural communication
• Presentation skills training