Our services

In the field of selection Kogwheel Kft has ten years of experience. With effective and successful selection methods (Assessment center and various psychological tests) the line managers such as HR partners may verify whether the new colleague fits the position and the organisational culture from a non-technical point of view.

Our trainings, developed for managers and colleagues provide an opportunity for individual skill-development (e.g.: presentation skills, communication skills, stress management) as well as specific skills required for fulfilling the given position (e.g.: client-focused communication, management skills development programs).

Our group training programs are designed to form effective, well-communicating and successful teams. These teambuilding events include both indoor and outdoor sessions, which can of course be tailored to the specific needs of a team.
In multinational corporations, colleagues coming from different cultures may easily face conflicts, which are most often based on misunderstandings based on different cultural norms and values. It is for handling such issues effectively that we have developed our intercultural training program, which has proven to be successful with several of our customers.
Being committed to promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment is an important pillar of ethical company life. Our equalities awareness trainings may therefore be of great importance among both leaders and colleagues, especially if there are disadvantaged employees in the company.

Most companies consider it important to assist their workers even after their contract has ended. Our outplacement programs help to manage the difficulties of change by facilitating the job search process of as well by helping those involved to deal with the event.

Our trainings and programs are available in English, French and German languages.